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The Regularization of Sports Betting in Brazil and the Public Hearing held in of May 22th 2019.

"The public hearing held in the Chamber of Deputies's Sports Committee on Wednesday afternoon was of fundamental importance for the Sports Betting market in Brazil. The Federal Law 13.756 (which legalizes sports betting) must be regulated to allow the legal exploitation of this type of lottery and grant the social benefits provided by law.

The Committee on Sport has the legitimacy to discuss this matter, and it is opportune for Brazilian Football to participate in the revenue of this product, which together with Public Safety, Social Security and Education, will receive approximately 30% of the GGR (MF / OGS-SP, 2018), which will score, according to estimates, the transfer of approximately R $ 4.32 Billion in 4 years.

Some of the most important authorities in the world have discussed the regulation and successful experiences of other countries, which will serve as a guide to the Commission to draw up a report and send it to the Ministry of Economy.

The criticisms of the text of the law were heard, which evidences the need for adjustments to guarantee investments, income for significant social transfers and efficient competition with the informal market, but it was recalled that "nowhere in the world has the law already is born perfect "- in such a way that its interpretation and changes are a common dynamic in most countries, in order to adjust reality and technological advances to the legal norm.

The audience was presided over by Federal Deputy Evandro Roman, who was a Football Judge for Fifa, contributing greatly to the exhibitions and attentive to issues related to bettor safety and protection of Brazilian Football. As a lawyer, acting on Supreme Court cases and for more than 10 years that I have been defending the state Lotteries (until February 2019) in Brazil, I have demonstrated the conceptual difference between this lottery mode and games of chance in Brazilian Law.

Nowadays there are bills in Congress proposing a legalization of the games of chance; however, the new federal lottery modality only updates the portfolio of existing "lotteries" such as Mega Sena, Loteca, etc. with the world trend (such as Denmark, USA, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, etc.) and the already existing demand in Brazil.

Honored with the invitation of the Committee on Sport, I register the satisfaction of participating in this historic moment."

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